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12:13pm 24/06/2006
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私はのための休暇に週より少しもっと行く。残念な人。私の友人、Lauren 、Lora 、およびクリスに会うことを私はニューヨークまで行っている。おそらく知っているのでLauren はruki_luvr 及びLora であるstarting_to_fly01 である。
ニューヨーク州で、私はボーリングをすること、買物をすること、等を行こうと思っている間。ハハ。多分私は! E. Cheese をチャックで取り付けることを行く! しかし私のお父さんはびんの大会に明日行きたいと思う- 日曜日- 彼が集まるので、見つけ、古いびんを販売する。それから月曜日に私は来ていてクリスが彼そして私のお母さんが付いているびん博物館に、行く。私は日本のための準備使用中であるのでLauren やLora がとにかく行きたいと思うと考えない!
私は私がジャーナル住むことを戻るとすぐ新しい記入項目を作る。 すべて!! 愛しなさい! ‾ のYuna の‾

I will be going on vacation for a little more than a week. Sorry guys. I am going up to New York to see my friends, Lauren, Lora, and Chris. Lauren as you probably know is ruki_luvr and Lora is starting_to_fly01.
While in New York state, I am going to go bowling, shopping, etc. Haha. Maybe I will even go to Chuck E. Cheese!! But my dad wants to go to a bottle convention tomorrow - Sunday - since he collects, finds, and sells old bottles. Then on Monday I will be going to a bottle museum with him and my mom, with Chris coming along. I don't think that Lauren and/or Lora would want to go, since they are busy preparing for Japan, anyway!
This is really fun typing in Japanese text.
I will make a new entry as soon as I get back to live journal.

Love you all!!!

~ Yuna ~
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Artisitic Loss   
07:50pm 04/06/2006
  Wow, I have just been noticing that I have not posted any of my art or anything. T^T I don't know what is going on with me...next weekend I surely have to upload more pictures of Anime Boston 2006. I just found the cd that I have with them on it! :P Anyway, I am looking for some good yaoi/yuri sites. I don't care what anime or video game or jrock band or whatever it is - just please post your favorite yaoi/yuri websites!! I am going crazy! But, I have brought you all a gift! Har har har!

Kingdom Hearts 2 YaoiCollapse )

Credits to ruki_luvr I will totally post way more next weekend!!!
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Anime Boston <3333   
07:13pm 29/05/2006
  So, I just got back from Anime Boston. If you want a detailed report, go to ruki_luvr's journal. lol. She has videos too. <3 So, here are my pictures thus far...

Piccies!!Collapse )

That is it for this weekend. T^T I have to get some more pictures developed. But, until next time...
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05:31pm 06/05/2006
  I have really bad allergies, so I decided to try singing. Not such a good idea. I sound AWFUL!! But, so, this is the song Let Me Be With You by Yoko Ishida ((aka the theme song for Chobits)). Here it is :P:


Haha, I know I suck at singing! But that makes it funner to listen to, ne???

Lauren - don't say anything. -_-;;

...JUST KIDDING! *huggu*

LAUREN --RANDOMNESS--:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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My Journal Is Now Friends Only   
05:07pm 27/12/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes, my journal is now friends only. If you want to be my friend, just comment and I will certainly add you!Image hosted by Photobucket.comI am only here on the weekends so if you comment and I don't reply to it for a while, don't freak out - I WILL add you! So, have fun reading my journal once you have been added!Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh, and don't worry, Kyo won't bite...well, as long as I am here.

By the way, anyone who is already a friend of mine has nothing to worry about! ^-^
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